Officers of the Shire of Crosston

If you have a question and or would like to join our Shire, contact our Seneshal.

Several Officers are seeking deputies to replace them.
Available positions include Chirurgeon and Arts & Sciences.
Please contact the Seneschal if you are willing to volunteer.

Description of Office


Francisco de Salamanca


Chief administrator for the Shire, responsible for all reports and organization.
Chatelaine Vyncent atte Wodegate
Greets and helps newcomers by answering questions, pointing them towards potential interests, and finding them temporary clothing and gear.
Arts & Sciences Vacant. If interested, please contact Seneschal.
Encourages and arranges for the teaching and display of the Arts and Sciences
Chirurgeon Vacant. If interested, please contact Seneschal.
Provides first aid support at events. A Chirurgeon must have current Red Cross CPR and Basic First Aid card.
Chronicler Aimeric de Foix
Responsible for publishing a group's newsletter, if there is one. Also serves as historian for the group, keeping historical records and information on the group's past activities.
Constable Baccus Kaloethes
Responsible for public safety, collecting event fees, seeing that laws, SCA and mundane, are followed, alerting the modern authorities if the need arises at shire events.
Exchequer Isabel d Triana
Administers and reports Shire finances, responsible for financial records and funds.
Herald Ingrid the Fair
Responsible for crowd control, announcements, and organizing court at events, and for consulting on heraldic arms.
Marshal John Theophilus
Oversees the safety and honor of combat activities, includes inspecting weapons and armour used in combat, and ensuring that new fighters are being properly trained in technique and safety.
Web Minister Jocelyn of Rowenwood
Maintains and updates the Shire web site.






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